Sectoral Library

The sector library of the Graduate Program in Animal Biology, has a growing collection. Located in the annex to the course secretariat, in recent years it has received broad support from FAPEMIG, allowing the updating of contents for classes, laboratory protocols and consultations of counselors and students, not only of the Program, but of other users of the departments of the different areas biological processes.

Central Library

The Central Library is located in the center of the university campus and aims to serve the university community in its teaching, research and extension activities, mainly through loan publications, interlibrary loan, cataloging at source, publication standardization, permutation and various donations and guidelines to users. For this purpose, the Central Library acts in the acquisition, storage, organization, restoration, documentation services and bibliographic dissemination. In addition to the university community, the Central Library is also open to the community of Viçosa and other people who demand their services.

Hours of Operation:

From Monday to Friday: 06:30 to 23:45
Saturday: 06:30 to 17:45
Reservation: from Monday (opens at 06:00) to Saturday (closes at 17:45) – uninterrupted
Update Policy of the Collection:
Every year, book purchases are made by the respective course coordinators to attend the Undergraduate courses. The Central Library maintains exchange of periodicals with 1173 national and foreign institutions.


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