Computer Resources

All computers connected to the UFV server have internet access. The UFV also provides network access to the SAS software. All teachers, employees and students have an e-mail account on the POP3 and SMTP servers of UFV. The UFV has a network with about 10,000 computers connected to the Internet. Internally, it has 128 networks located in departments and administrative bodies. Students and teachers have extensive access to the information available on the network. Information about the bibliographic collection of the Central Library, theses and information of academic interest of each student (SGPPG and sapiens systems) can be consulted. Other libraries, institutions and other information available on the network, including the CAPES journal portal and the Web of Science, are easily accessible.
The Master’s Program in Animal Biology of the Federal University of Viçosa has computer, hardware and software infrastructures available to all faculty, students and administrators. The coordination of the program has computer labs, connected to the Internet, to which students have access.

All teachers have microcomputers in their offices or laboratories, connected to the network. Access to the Internet by undergraduates, graduate students, teachers and other staff is free of charge and without limitation of time. The data transmission speed over the Ethernet network is 100 mbps. The connection to the POP-MG network is 155 mbps.

The students of the Postgraduate Program in Animal Biology have in each laboratory computers connected to the UFV-NET, highlighting the access to the bibliographic collection of the UFV and the most sophisticated and important statistical software, spreadsheets and publishers texts and electronic consultation services.

All courses in the program provide classes, texts, files and other information through the PVANet system. Students have access to the system throughout the campus and at home using the enrollment form.

Recently a high-speed internet system was installed in the Biology building and the João Moojen Museum was integrated into the university’s fiber optics system.

The current Pro-Rectory for Research and Graduate Studies has sent a project for mainframe installation for large-volume data analysis.

We count on an important contribution of the Pro-Rector of Post-Graduation of the UFV through the SacPG, integrated system on line. This service is a great facilitator of activities and dissemination.

Another system with great operability is the FINANCIAR of Funarbe. Extremely practical and up-to-date, it allows the daily dissemination of academic opportunities, as well as the technical contribution in finalizing and submitting projects. It works for both domestic and overseas opportunities.

The SAPIENS tool provided by UFV interacts quickly and efficiently with students, teachers and managers of UFV. All communication is carried out by the system in full time and in an agile way. Communication is greatly facilitated.

The website ( enables the permanent dissemination of the Program, making available all the academic and operational information of admission. It is constantly being updated.


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